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Maltese Urchins Anyone?

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On a recent trip to Malta I was only startled by the diversity of the culture & joys of the island but as much as the dive guide hyped up the Rozi dive being well populated with fish. I saw very few. Maybe my scepticism came into play but yet again it has made me even more determined to discover where the fish were & why the locals had embraced a cuisine that was not the easiest to catch.

Well there were NO Fish - we've eaten them all. Well, if you've watched "End Of The Line" then that's no suprise to you!

So having giving up trying to find the fish I took some time out at the beach in St. Pauls Bay, Qawara. Whilst bored of getting burnt I sat up from my sweating horizontal position &sort; some shade against the rocks. Figuring that the locals knew beater than to "baked like a tourist" I headed for a shaded spot not but a few meters off the shore but indeed shaded enough to give my balding head some respite. 


Bill Board Campaign

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The Magic Snorkel buys the 100th BillBoard in China! Striking a blow against shark fin soup!

 Here's our certificate.

Demand for shark fin soup in Asia is the number one reason why shark populations are plummeting throughout the world.

Now you can take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity to make a direct impact in the fight to save sharks. 

Shark Savers and WildAid are collaborating on a multi-media campaign in China targeting the consumers of shark fin soup.

You have a rare opportunity to make a difference. For $100 you can fund a "Say 'no' to shark fin soup" bus stop billboard featuring basketball star Yao Ming, one of China's most popular and influential citizens. This price includes production, installation, maintenance, and lighting for a full year. These ads are large, most are lighted, and they will be placed in many high-traffic locations in Beijing and Shanghai at eye-level.


Container ship hits Red Sea reef

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The 40,000-tonne CSCL Hamburg hit the reef, one of Egypt's most popular, on 31 December. The ship passed Jackson Reef before trying to navigate a narrow channel between Woodhouse and Thomas Reef, which lie in the Strait of Tiran near Sharm El Sheikh. It's reported to have been travelling at some speed and 20m of its bow now lies on top of the reef.

Underwater cameraman Tom Osborn dived there on 2 January and says the ship has caused 'devastating' damage to the coral. He said: 'All of the reef in the area of the collision has been destroyed. It resembles a chalk quarry with fresh white lumps of rock scattered everywhere.

'You can see underwater that large sections of the container's hull has been crushed and sliced open from the force of the impact. As the ship smashed into the reef, she damaged huge chunks of the reef plate near the surface.

'An area approximately 30m wide and 20m long has tumbled away in sections down the steep slope of Woodhouse Reef like an avalanche, destroying any living coral below to a depth of at least 45m. At 35m you can clearly see a large slab of reef plate that used to be near the surface.'

When Osborn dived it, the ship was facing south, but it has since been swung round by tides or wind and now the bow is pointing north, towards the Straits of Tiran. This could have caused even more damage to both the ship and the corals. Luckily, no fuel has leaked from the ship - this could also have damaged marine life.

It's not yet clear what will happen to the ship and if it can be repaired. Wreck divers are hoping it may be scuttled locally to form an artificial reef.