Its just £20 and as well as enjoying the below unique & exclusive set of Magic Snorkel benefits - Plus you will more than recoup the cost of the Pass plus much more after receiving the discount on your 1st dive trip*

What you Get:
  • You'll receive preferential rates at dive centers worldwide, only as a Magic Snorkel Platinum Pass Holder. For example:
    Dive Santorini
    , Greece offers 15% Off...
    Dive Tech,
    Grand Cayman offer 10% off all dive packages.
    Barbados Blue, 10% off all dive packages*
  • You'll Also Enjoy Exclusive rates on dive insurance:
    Westfield Sub Aqua and Marine Insurance now offer 10% off their listed prices.
  • You'll be part of a growing comunity of like minded divers that actively care! 
  • Your annual pass provides offers & benefits like no other & 100% of all our profits are donated to shark and marine conservation campaigns worldwide!
Money off Diving
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Platinum Pass Dive Centers

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Where you can use it!

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We have been careful to hand pick & accept only certain affiliates to ensure quality of service. Below are just a few of the dive centers where you'll get preferential rates off diving.

Simply, use either the dive directory on the left or the above map for a full listing of the places you can use the Magic Snorkel Platinum Pass.

Aqua Marine Diving - Bali
Nicedive4u, Baltic Sea, 10% off
Red Sea:
Dive Tech, Grand Cayman, 10% off
Barbados Blue, Barbados, 10% off**
Eco Dive, Greneda, 10% off
Deep Blue, Maldives... offers 10% off all Liveaboard services

Best of the Rest... Are you a dive Center? Then, why not join our affiliate program!

*Depending on your requirements & overall choice of packages, offers rates may vary depending on specific dive center promotions.

To ensure you always receive the best offer as a Magic Snorkel Platinum Pass Holder the above affiliates guarantee to offer you a lower preferential rate to that which would be paid as a walk up customer!