Its just £20 and as well as enjoying the below unique & exclusive set of Magic Snorkel benefits - Plus you will more than recoup the cost of the Pass plus much more after receiving the discount on your 1st dive trip*

What you Get:
  • You'll receive preferential rates at dive centers worldwide, only as a Magic Snorkel Platinum Pass Holder. For example:
    Dive Santorini
    , Greece offers 15% Off...
    Dive Tech,
    Grand Cayman offer 10% off all dive packages.
    Barbados Blue, 10% off all dive packages*
  • You'll Also Enjoy Exclusive rates on dive insurance:
    Westfield Sub Aqua and Marine Insurance now offer 10% off their listed prices.
  • You'll be part of a growing comunity of like minded divers that actively care! 
  • Your annual pass provides offers & benefits like no other & 100% of all our profits are donated to shark and marine conservation campaigns worldwide!
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Diving Made Magic...! 

"By being as safe as possible


This all started way back in June of 2009 when I had the idea to create an iPhone App to promote the industry of responsible and professional shark diving. After contacting many dive operations and collating heaps of information I came up with the iDive Sharks iPhone & iPod Touch App. As a way of giving something back to the conservation of the animals I donate 20% of profits to shark conservation.

The release of the App then pushed me to create a support site for it. Just intending to be a Q&A; site for those who bought it this site soon became more than that. Folks started joining just to share their love of sharks and uploading imagery to share that too. So this got me to thinking that this same idea, minus the App, could be applied to other genre's of scuba diving and also to destinations. A monster by the name of MiDive Networks was born and continues to grow. The sites are still young but I'm pushing forward. Please read on for more info on the App and where to get it.

How much is and where can I buy the app? - The App is available via the Apple iTunes App Stores. The leading stores are linked by the buttons showing the flags of the respective countries below. If your country flag is not listed then quite simply enter iDive Sharks into the search box in the Apple iTunes store that you belong to. The App is priced at $1.99.


Its a technicalogical world that we live in & the MagicSnorkel has handpicked some of the best iphone applicication currently available. Have fun & remember that these are no substitute for training by the appropriate agency.

Here's our top picks:




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